Reflexes of The Mirror

It was a cold winter morning, the skies were getting darker, and I hadn´t a place to hide myself from the hard rain.
I was looking for somewhere, when I found a big and old house. It seemed abbandoned.
I was looking arround in the garden, when I saw a little girl in the second floor window, and she was looking at me.
Her face didn´t seemed very friendly.
I didn´t care, and I decided to enter the house. When I came across the gate the door started to make a disgusting noise.
Definitely, that house was abbandoned, and very dirty.
When I was going upstairs, all things were making noise, and I was afraid of breaking anything.
I was looking for a comfortable room, when I heard the noise of a door oppening.
Then I aproached to that door and came in that room. It was the room of the window where the little girl was.
The room was full of old dolls and broken toys. There was nobody in the room.
I found a big mirror in a corner, it was too dirty and I cleaned it.
As I said, nobody was in the room, but when I looked at the mirror, behind me I could see the little girl looking at me again. I turned back, but the little girl wasn´t there…

2 comentarios en “Reflexes of The Mirror

  1. wooow!! it´s great!!!
    i want write english very well…but… i don\’t know in spite of studing in the english philology\’s faculty…T_____T i\’m sad…

  2. dont be worried about that, little child… If you want, you can do it…only…free your mind…liberate it, and you will be able to do all you want.(in the real possible limits, my young padawan).


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